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Monday, March 30, 2015

Re: Good News. ( Code 210)

ANTI-TERRORIST AND MONETARY CRIMES DIVISION D.C U.S.A FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS J.EDGAR HOOVER BUILDING 935 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, NW WASHINGTON, D.C. 20535-0001. FBI HEADQUARTERS WASHINGTON DC Ref: FBI/DC/25/113/13/2013. Attn: Beneficiary. The Federal Bureau of Investigation F.B.I Washington, DC in Conjunction with Other Relevant Investigation Agencies herein wish to Bring to your notice that A lady by name of Mrs.Joan C. Bailey of OHIO U.S.A went to Central Bank of Nigeria with an offical power of attorney and some documentations stipulating that you have mandated her to claim your contractual inheritance sum of $8,000,000.00 Eight million U.S Dollars on your behalf due to your ill health. You are advised to indicate your position toward the application the lady submitted on your behalf by contacting the office of Central Bank of Nigeria in person of Mr. Patrick Osas with your personal contact details such as. FULL NAMES: CONTACT ADDRESS: CURRENT CITY: STATE: ZIP: COUNTRY: DATE OF BIRTH: TELEPHONE NUMBER: COPY OF YOUR IDENTITY CARD: NOTE: In your best interest you should ignore any further e-mail message that does not come from the above email address and phone number for security reasons in case you are already dealing with anybody or office from the Central Bank of Nigeria, you are strictly advised to STOP further communication with them in you own very best interest and thereby contact the officail office of Central Bank of Nigeria C.B.N with the below information as follow: Contact Person: Mr.Patrick Osas Contact Phone Number: +234 806-582-1661 Contact Email: thank you very much for your Anticipated CO-operation in advance as we earnestly await your response Urgent regards to this matter. Best Regards. Mr. James B. Comey, Jr. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS J.EDGAR HOOVER BUILDING 935 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, NW WASHINGTON, D.C. 20535-0001. CC: Re. Homeland Security Council CC: Re. International Police Unit. CC: Re. Federal Reserve Bank. CC: Re. Central Bank Of Nigeria.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Dear Sir/Ma
I am brokering an Investment deal in your country on behalf of a client.
This deal will involve the
eventual investment of US$50M. ( Fifty Million United States Dollars)
within your country.

I want to offer you an opportunity to be part of this profitable and life
time business opportunity; offering you a partnership, so as to allow you
manage and invest the funds in your country within the time frame of the
investment/partnership scheme.

I've kept this proposal brief, since I cannot determine if this email is
still functional and also your willingness to be part of this deal. If you
are Interested in this offer of partnership, please respond and
provide your current contact details, so I can send to you details of this

Your expedient response will be appreciated.
Mr Larry Banda

Attn: album Purchaser,Change to printing factory

Dear Sir or Madam,

Print work costs a lot?

Let Ann link you and China from here.

We are dedicated in making quality album, label, magazine.

Your interest will mean a lot to us.

Kind regards,


Re: Very Urgent

270 Park Avenue
New York City NY United States
We have been informed by the concern authority's, to have your fund release process completed otherwise, the funds will be declared un-serviced by the bank managements and consequently be confiscated. The time frame is very short and bank Wire Transfer is the fastest means of getting this done.
Mandate has been issued to a commission namely UNCLAIMED ASSET/ASSETS RE-UNITED, USA here in the UNITED STATES to effect this payment to you using it's traditional banking process, VIA WIRE TRANSFER and you are to contact the Wilmington Delaware Branch Managing director of JP MORGAN CHASE BANK for the release of the fund, to be transferred into your nominated bank account.
Here is the contact information below.
Managing Director JP MORGAN CHASE BANK
Mr. Robert Tas 
If you are receiving this notification for the first time, the ($11.6M) can only be paid upon the receipt of your beneficiary identification security transfer CODE, which is XO9014/15KLQ. Send it immediately to Him for instant accreditation of your proceeds into your account and fill out the needed information for confirmations as listed bellow.
1) Your full name: 2) Phone, fax and mobile#: 3) Address: 4) Copy of your any valid ID card.ATTACHED !!.
Mary Callahan Erdoes
Asset Management CEO

Questa e-mail è priva di virus e malware perché è attiva la protezione avast! Antivirus .